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Waking Up Before The Dawn

September 2, 2019

There are some things that younger me would balk at knowing that I do them now. One is getting up before the sun. When I was younger, I could sleep until noon (or later). Sure, I get up earlier because, well, kids…

Even my younger ones don’t get up that early. What I love about being up before everyone else is in my family is that it allows me to start the day in a calm, quiet way. There is no rushing around, hectic, frantic mornings to navigate.

I’m awake a good hour, sometimes two before my family, depending on when my body is done sleeping. It gives me time to write, walk the dog and shower all before they wake up.

With this extra time in the morning, I’m able to be patient with them while they are getting ready for the day. We can leisurely breakfast, sit on the couch and snuggle, and have enough time to walk/ride to school.

Up until I had kids, sleeping in was my jam but now waking up before dawn is in my wheelhouse!

Are you a morning person?



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