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Handling The Unexpected

September 1, 2019

What is your first instinct when things are going as you’ve planned? Do you whine, complain, cry or pout? Or can you find the positive in the situation?

I was given a simple task this morning to make a couple color copies for my husband. Sounds easy, right? I load the kids into the car, we head to a store that prints color, hand off the paper and be done.

That’s what would have happened in an ideal setting, but instead, we drove to three different stores in search of a place that could complete our job. I could have gotten pissed that I had to drive around, but instead it was really no big deal.

The boys and I were enjoying each other’s company and getting a good laugh about having to go all around the city. They had a great story to tell our oldest (she was still in bed sleeping during our adventure). We had quite the experience this morning and truly it was really no big deal in the grand scheme of life. It wasn’t even a hiccup, it was more like another path.


How do you handle the unexpected?


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