Where Do Our Priorities Lie?
family priorities

There are so many things I am doing in my professional life as a writer. I make it my goal to write daily, edit my YA book series, write a romance novel, write other adult fiction and continue writing non-fiction articles. Sounds lofty? It is. Considering my biggest job is taking care of my four […]

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Dog Days Of Summer
swim team

July 7, 2019 You would think that summer is for lounging around and doing nothing, but at our house you would only be half right. During the week, I pack our days with swim team, swim lessons, sports, camps, activities at the library and so much more. This works two-fold. One: it allows my kids […]

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Introducing The Next Big YouTuber…

July 6, 2019 Or so my 7 year old believes. What he doesn’t understand is that these kids who are huge stars on YouTube have parents who are willing to edit their videos and promote the heck out of them. He makes a video, wants to edit it, put a cool intro/outro on the video, […]

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