Your Summer Screen Time Rules Don’t Apply To Me: Here’s Why

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The school year is quickly coming to an end and ready or not, the kids will be home full-time. For those of us who stay or work at home, summer vacation can really throw off our current schedules.

The familiarity of our routine changes with small people asking a barrage of questions and needing food 24/7. Every summer I vow to come up with a schedule harmonizing work and play with the kids. As they get older, the working part gets easier as they become more independent.

Usually, they want to play videos games and be on their Kindles all day. That does not fly in my book. 


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Quitting Social Media Made My Family Pictures Fade Away

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

I am that mom, taking 4357984357 pictures of my kids to get the perfect one. At least I was. My computer is full of pictures I’ve saved over the years. There are so many I categorized them by month and year keep organized. The sheer number itself is staggering until last year when it slowed down exponentially. 

The correlation between my social media usage and number of picture proves these events are not mutually exclusive. I apparently must have one for the other to happen. And I’m done with social media, so what does mean for my family’s memories?


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Are We Too Busy To Enjoy Our Food?

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash


We live in a world where everyone is on the go all the time. The word busy is glorified and you are considered a success if your calendar is packed to the brim. What this means is something has to give. Usually it’s the one thing we need to sustain ourselves: fueling our bodies.

Eating is something we do as an aside to a more important task. There is hardly a time when most people focus solely on their meal:

  • We are multitasking while we eating.
  • Our cell phones are always by us, so we can scroll through Instagram.
  • We read books or watch t.v.
  • Our families have a million and one things to tell us.
  • We eat in our cars, shoveling food as fast as we can on the way to the next thing.
  • Most days we are mindlessly putting food in without really paying attention.

People are not appreciating their food, which is why the health and wellness industry makes billions of dollars a year getting people to diet.

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