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Kindness Is Contagious When You Take Notice

January 15, 2020

What happens when someone offers to do something for you out of the blue? It makes you feel good, wanting to reciprocate this random act onto someone else.

At the grocery store today, I became aware of how kind people really are. There is one cashier who greets me every time I’m in the store, if I’m in his lane or not. It makes me feel welcome and enjoy my shopping experience.

And because I was in a good mood, my energy projected onto other people. After I finished loading my bags into the van, I closed the trunk and an older gentleman walking by offered to take my cart for me.

All because I was aware of what was happening around me. Kindness doesn’t have to happen in a huge amount. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone, buying the next person’s coffee in line, complementing another person or even smiling at someone.

These are all reminders to me to be on the lookout of acts of kindness I can bestow on someone else. I’m not doing this to get something in return except for the feeling of joy that arises when I do something for another human being.

What random act of kindness have you performed recently?

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