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The “Stay At Home” Order Altered My Kids’ Default Settings

April 10, 2020

On weekends prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, my kids would wake up in the morning and immediately ask what time they would be getting their devices that day.

Their sole focus would be on electronics and video games. If we had something to do or had to go to a siblings sporting event they would ask if they could bring their kindles. Their lives revolved around when they would be allowed to veg out for the day.

I would have to force them to get outside and play. Even on the coldest days, I would urge them to get out board games, art projects or read. They worked hard during the school week and this was their downtime. Even I saw it was becoming a problem.

While we’ve been quarantined to our home, there is a silver lining to this all. They are making sure we get outside multiple times a day. Both the kids and I realize they need at least two hours of outdoor activity to function properly throughout the day.

The vitamin D and fresh air changes their mood significantly and I have the patience to deal with them on an even keeled level.

Most summer, I attempt to come up with a plan to decrease the amount of electronic usage and by July I’ve fallen short. This summer, I have a feeling will play out quite differently. I see a merge happening between my plugged in kids with the 80’s summers I used to enjoy.

They have become more self-sufficient in finding unplugged activities to do because even though we are home it doesn’t mean they can be on electronics all day long. In fact, they have stricter rules now then when they were at school.

Their default settings are changing away from picking up a device immediately. First, they head outside and see what part of the driveway they haven’t chalked yet. Then promptly fight over who gets to use the hover board first. I’ll take that argument any day over who gets the Nintendo Switch first.

Has the “stay at home” order changed your mentality?

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