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Why We Need To Break Up The Mundane Each Day

January 19, 2020

We all need to know when breaks from everyday life and our packed calendars are essential. As a mom, it’s critical to my patience to take mid-day break to regroup.

Schools take breaks to let both students and teachers the time to recharge before getting back at it. We take breaks as society for holidays, which conveniently fall shortly after a two week vacation. These long weekend are great when it’s been awhile, but when coincide with previous breaks, then it’s necessary to take a break from all the family time.

Today was one of those days that we all were getting cabin fever as the windy, frigid temperatures set in. I took the kids to an arcade to play for awhile and then we settled in for movie time. An email came through saying my daughter’s volleyball practice was canceled. She’s been going three times a week for six weeks in a row. I knew this was the break we all needed.

As a family, we scrolled through Netflix and collected all the blankets to have a movie marathon.

Not all breaks are equal, but they are all needed in our lives to step away from the regular scheduled programming in our lives.

How did you take a break today? 

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