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Let The Marathons Continue…

December 23, 2019

Movies, that is. Ever since the kids got out of school, we’ve been catching up on our Christmas movies. Sometimes it’s one movie a day, sometimes two.

Either way, we get to relive the memories from each year. We have a stack of movies that we like to watch and we get so into every one. I think the consensus this year is that we laughed the most at Home Alone 2. We all love the pranks in that movie the best.

The biggest shocker of them all this year is that I watched Edward Scissorhands for the very first time ever and didn’t know it was pegged as a Christmas movie. It was cute. I’d watch it again.

Tonight we have some other favorites on the docket like The Grinch and Santa Clause Trilogy. It might not seem like Christmas is in a few days but it is and we are kicking the season into high gear.

What is your favorite holiday movie?

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