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How 24/7 Parenting During The “Stay At Home” Order Has Changed

April 16, 2020

Parenting Win: we made it over a month at home with out one of my kids saying I was mean and my yelling is starting to escalate.

This is a major life change we’ve all gone through and I’ve been managing my emotions pretty well. I’ve made sure to get most of my daily rituals in which is a lot of journaling, yoga, meditating, writing and walking. As long as I do this, I’m able to get through the day with more patience.

We’ve been doing great as a family, staying home, strolling around our neighborhood and only really going out for groceries and a weekly trip to the park.

Yesterday, the kids asked for some art supplies and fabric to make blankets. I kept my cool at the fabric store, but when I handed my oldest a bag to hold on the way home, a side glance from her was all it took to set me off.

I haven’t cried about any of this because I know we will get through it but yesterday it all became too much.

The crocodile tears came and while I didn’t yell, I explained to her how I’m doing my best. How it’s hard for me not to have any alone time. While she can shut herself in her room to get away, I’m always needed by a kid. We are all learning here and adjusting as we go.

My kids now miss me when I run to the store for an hour whereas before they could be gone at school all day without blinking an eye. I am grateful how they love spending time with me, but let’s be honest we all need a break from one another.

When did your kids first tell you how mean you were during all this?


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