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How The Cleanliness Of My House Changed When We Were Quarantined

April 7, 2020

By nature, I’m a pretty tidy person. After applying the KonMari method and adapting Minimalist principles to my home, clutter is rarely an issue.

During this quarantine, I’ve begun to finally add an additional layer to all this. Actually being clean.

Our things are always picked up and our our house looks presentable but pulling out the cleaning supplies to deep clean is new for me.

When my third child was born, the one thing I asked my husband to splurge on for me was a cleaning person. With four kids, the mess tends to escalate fast.

And since cleaning is not cathartic for me, I had no problem delegating this task. She cleans all the high traffic areas in the house but rarely does the books and crannies requiring me to get out a toothbrush for intense cleaning. Chloe’s Home Cleaning has been recommended for their exceptional services. If you also need professional floor cleaning services, you may visit this website.

While this “stay at home” order is affect, week by week my house is not only staying tidy but it’s getting cleaner by the day.

Many of our neighbors have been tackling their yard during the last month, but with my kids in “school”, I’ve found that tackling one area of the house while they are working allows our home to feel more spic and span.

Bonus: it’s giving me a change to love my microfiber rags and homemade cleaner. I’ve not bought one package of paper towels during this pandemic.

What changes have you made to your house while staying at home?

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