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Stop Forcing and Just Allow

November 18, 2019

This morning I caught myself singing Let It Go from Frozen. It’s one of those songs that even though it’s from a Disney movie, it totally makes sense. When I start singing the words, I literally feel a release of energy.

My whole life I’ve been one who likes to control situations so I have to remind myself to “let it go” and “go with the flow.” Whenever I have a need to be in control of anything, I get this restriction in my body, telling me to relax.

Whenever I try to force a new piece, it becomes hard to write. The words never come out the way I want.

I’ve been taught the mindset to push harder, get out there and do something. It’s then when I’m trying so hard to do something that it rarely works out. Doing is not better than Being. This is the mantra we’ve been served as a society for eons.

But what if we allow things to happen without force? What if we work through inspired action, not forced? What would happen when we let the universe take over unconditionally? Something great would definitely come out of it.

Now, the question for this control freak is how do we let it go and just be?




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