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Introducing The Next Big YouTuber…

July 6, 2019

Or so my 7 year old believes. What he doesn’t understand is that these kids who are huge stars on YouTube have parents who are willing to edit their videos and promote the heck out of them. He makes a video, wants to edit it, put a cool intro/outro on the video, upload it to YouTube and become a star.

We’ve tried explaining to him there is so much more than that, but he is determined to keep producing more videos. He could have enough content for days but his editing skills aren’t quite up to par. So that job defaults to me since I’m home with him. Well guess what, editing takes a lot of time.

As a writer, I deal with this on a daily basis. Except for several choice pieces most of my time is spent editing. I want things to be as close to perfect for my reader before sending it out into the world. I believe he has the same gumption as me, so getting a video in tip top shape before releasing it to YouTube now sits on my shoulders.

I support him in pursuing this avenue but now it’s all about drawing the line between keeping this his hobby and making it my full time job.

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