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Dog Days Of Summer

July 7, 2019

You would think that summer is for lounging around and doing nothing, but at our house you would only be half right. During the week, I pack our days with swim team, swim lessons, sports, camps, activities at the library and so much more.

This works two-fold.

One: it allows my kids to stay off their electronics, get exercise and hang out with other kids. While we love going to the pool, they would get bored doing that every day. Instead, we get up early and tackle the day head on.

Two: My sanity is kept in check by not having to hear how bored they are all day long. Seriously, I’ve only checked the calendar a handful of time to see how many days left until school start. I’d call that a win.

While I don’t want to rush summer, I love being able to fill our days with things we wouldn’t normally get to do during the school year. And bonus on weekends after a swim meet and tennis matches, we are free to relax till our little hearts’ desire.

And we do. I am hereby dubbing this summer: Summer of Cards. Since we have gone and learned at least 5-10 card games to enjoy each other’s company while defeating the competition.

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