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Staying Connected With Peers During Our Quarantined Time At Home

March 18, 2020

There are some days when having a family of six can be loud and overwhelming. But when the whole world goes into their bubbles, it’s nice to have the company. We have found there are times during the day when we need a break from one another. Knowing that we are connected as a family makes this whole extended break a little more bearable.

Texting and FaceTime

Sometimes family isn’t enough for kids and they want to see their friends. Play dates are kind of out of the question right now, so thank goodness for texting and Facetime. There’s a sentence, I never thought I’d utter. With my daughter being in middle school, having that connection with her peers is essential to surviving this Coronavirus outbreak.

After she completes her school work for the day, she pretty much gets free reign to chat with her friends, play games online with them and make tiktoks together.

School Communication Apps

For my younger kids, their teachers are doing an amazing job of posting pictures of friends that parents send into their Class Dojo app. The teachers have been sending video messages as well helping the kiddos not feel so isolated.

Getting Out

Even taking walks outside with the family and seeing other people with their dogs helps us to feel a sense of community. As a society, we can still connect with one another through the phone keeping our spirits up.

We may be stuck at home for a couple weeks, but anything we can do to stay connected with other people is essential to our well being. After this is all said in done, waiting in line with a bunch of other people at a store won’t see so bad.

What are you doing to stay connected?

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