Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…tag team parenting.

On days like today when I have three parent teacher conferences back to back and then immediately have to pick up my youngest at preschool, it’s nice to know that I have a partner who realizes that I’m going to need some down time before the busyness begins.

An hour before I left, My hubby decided to take the three older kids on a walk to the library. Since they had been home since last Thursday we all needed a break.

Turns out the library was closed so they walked into town for lunch and had quite the adventure.

Having my hubby home on those days when I need him the most are the best because we complement each other in the parenting department so well!

This backpack symbolizes not only him carrying water for the kids but I received it as a gift for helping a child in Africa receive clean water so she won’t have to walk miles to get it for her family!

All around gratitude today!


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