Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for… unexpected alone time!

On many weekends we have to divide and conquer our kid responsibilities as it is damn near impossible to be in two places at once.

Once in awhile I get the better deal and today was one of those days. My hubby is happy to do the sports stuff but birthday parties are not his thing.

Fine with me, I go in for a couple minutes, chat it up with the parents and am on my way.

For today’s party, it was 40 minutes away from our house so it was pointless for me to go all the way back home.

Instead I grabbed this alone time and ran with it. I always have these big gestures in mind like I’m going to sit and write for hours uninterrupted. It never happens and it’s because I’m supposed to spend time with myself instead.

I am supposed to take myself to lunch and feast on food the rest of my family won’t eat. I am supposed to head down to the water’s edge and be one with the sounds of waves crashing on the rocks. I’m supposed to enjoy my own company and be ok with that.

I did that and I am grateful for the unexpected me time that results from a kid’s birthday party!


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