Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…the woman I am raising.

Yes, this is my laundry.

No, I’m not here to air it out.

In fact, quite the opposite. After tucking the boys in to bed, saying their rules, what their favorite part of the day was, what they are grateful for and something they did good today, I found this pile of clothes in my room.

Now, when the kids were little, I would have looked at this and sighed but today I know it will be gone by tomorrow.

Luci dumped the clothes in my room after getting them out of the laundry room. She also started a new load in both the washer and the dryer.

A couple weeks ago, she said she liked doing laundry cause it was a way she could help me out around the house. She doesn’t get paid for it. Once it’s sorted each person has to fold and put away their own stuff.

I used to put this on their chores list but it has become such a bonding time for all of us to sit and fold laundry together that is paying for itself right there.

Gratitude for my oldest is plentiful and abundance on a moment to moment basis because she is always showing me how she continues to grow as a person.


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