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How We As Parents Are Coping Through The “Stay At Home” Order

April 6, 2020

Some days are good and some are not so good. Let’s be honest. When school started in August, we didn’t think we would be homeschooling our kids three quarters of the way through the year.

So how do we go from having seven hours a day with kids away learning to 24/7 kids (and no where to go)?

Coping mechanisms.

We could allow addictive behaviors to return or get stronger in our lives or we can see this pandemic as a way to better ourselves. When I was active on Instagram, I saw many people pictures of moms posting their glass of wine (or three) after their kids were in bed. You do you!

I can’t imagine with kids at the helm and at our feet what parents are doing to cope with this new change. It came to my attention yesterday that I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since Christmas. Not that I drank that much before then, but I found it somewhat curious.

During this time at home with my kids, I also haven’t reverted back to my social media addiction. Instead of treating this “break” like a free for all, I’ve return to my patterns as a mom with young children by establishing a schedule.

In half hour to hour increments throughout the day, the kids know at all times what they should be doing. From 9am-4pm, they are on “school” schedule and it keeps them and myself occupied. Oddly enough, we are all shocked how quickly the last 3.5 weeks have gone. Both the kids and I thrive from a routine and having a mandatory two hours outside each day helps with sanity.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have our moments when all hell breaks loose and everyone is yelling at each other. But those moment are far and few between. Keeping a regular bedtime and meal times have also kept everyone in line. The kitchen is not open 24/7 and snack times are consistent with what they did at school.

On my end, I’ve also stuck to following my daily rituals to ensure Mom gets her me time in a productive way instead of breaking down completely.

Throw a mid day movie in once in awhile to break up the monotony is also fun because it changes things up a bit. The next day we get right back on track and the world in our little bubble seems whole again.

How has your family been coping with staying at home?


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