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Don’t Let Your Mess Distract You

October 14, 2019

Often times when I’m supposed to be working on something, distraction easily pops in. That stack of papers sitting on my desk waiting to be sorted through, or the items from school that need to be tossed that are sitting on my counter.

People in my house love to put their stuff everyone but put away where it belongs. For the most part, I’m good at getting things to places but there are sometimes things pile up. This is where the distraction happens.

Instead of working on the task at hand, there are other things that suck me in because it’s easier to organize a stack of papers then to edit a new piece I’m working on. It’s simpler to do the dishes or go through old homework assignments then work on my unedited manuscript.

So what’s the solution here, to keep tidying up as you go. Four years ago, I found KonMari. I really couldn’t imagine what our house would look like now without this method. But just because I’ve gone through my possessions doesn’t mean that I don’t relapse now and again. Because, well, kids and life happen.

While this is ideal, sometimes we have to be realistic. There are so many other things we’d rather be doing than cleaning and that is quite alright.

It’s a good reminder to myself to take a look at the mess we are making and consider how it’s becoming a distraction for the things we really love.

Where does your mess tend to pile up?



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