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The “Stay At Home” Order Is Hard On My Inner Introvert

April 4, 2020

When all this COVID-19 stuff started happening and the rumor was coming that schools were going to be shut down for three weeks, my first thought went straight to “How am I going to homeschool four kids?”

Sure, people home school all the time, but I’m in the camp where our family thrives on going to school not taught by their parents. While this was an obstacle, I was ready to tackle, there were other aspects I hadn’t given a thought to.

What I didn’t take into account during all this was how to manage to still get my alone time while everyone is home. I am introvert by nature and recoup by being alone. This is difficult to do when my family is ALWAYS home.

I love that we take family walks together and play outside together, but in order to continue being a fun mom, I need my space!

My kids who are 12, 10, 8, and 6 have reverted back to some old habits of yore. For example, before the stay at home order, I was able to take showers by myself. Now I have an audience again.

If I go into a room, they follow me like little puppy dogs to see where I’m going.

They require much more cuddling and hugs (those I’ll take).

Every time they want to do something or get bored, they find me first.

This has been more of an emotional rollercoaster because we are used to being on the go. Even in our periods of down time, they can usually find things to do on their own. With everyone home for the unforeseeable future, letting mom get her alone time without losing it first is a priority everyone needs to focus on.

And no, going grocery shopping alone is no longer a vacation, because there are so many rules to follow.

Disclaimer: Yes, I love my children but the old adage distance makes the heart grow fonder is easier to adhere to when they go to school during the week…

How are you handling all this togetherness time as a family?


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