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One, Two Punch: Full Moon And Back To School Jitters

August 14, 2019

Oh blessed summer and all your bickering. We are t-minus one day till school starts and the amount of fighting that has ensued upon our house is out of control. It’s not the kids either. I find myself snapping at them as well.

I get it. It’s a combo of back to school nerves and that the last couple weeks we have been more home bound (via my youngest’s surgery). Everyone is getting on one another’s nerves and I can sense it is time for school to start.

Sure, I’m trying the whole deep breaths thing and trying not to overreact. But when someone keeps putting their hands in your face repeatedly for several minutes, anyone would snap. It’s like the Chinese water torture. How much can you endure? These days it’s not much.

Luckily, everyone is excited about school this year and are looking forward to meeting their teachers. I’m ready for the intense levels of energy in my house to take it down a few notches.

*side note: Looked up the full moon schedule and there is one tomorrow. Could also be the werewolves in my children coming out!

How are you handling back to school jitters?

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