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Hot Showers Are Life Changing!

November 21, 2019

I love hot showers. This post could probably end there, but let me explain. Something about the space within the shower walls makes me fill with complete and utter joy.

Every morning the burst of hotness comes over my cold body and it’s like a light goes off inside of me. The ideas start flowing, the acoustics are amazing and I could stand in the falling water all day long if it were possible.

It’s very likely I was a sea creature in another life, but the water invigorates me. It brings me back to my visit to Japan in my early 20’s where we stayed a hot spring. This place was a haven and again I wanted to sit in the water all day long. It’s cleanse and cathartic to be one with the hot flowing water.

Every morning is a new experience, but I look forward to every day but it’s so unexpected what can come up inside the confides of my own personal spa.

Are you a shower or a bath person?

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