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Death Is Hardest On Those Left Behind

January 27, 2020

While at my daughter’s volleyball tournament yesterday, I heard a murmur floating through the air.

Not being on social media a lot or checking into news outlet gives me the opportunity to filter what information comes into my world.

The news I heard circulating about the sudden death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter was unavoidable.

I immediately felt sad about the news but then moved on with what was going on with my family.

It’s not that I don’t feel for their family but instead I get the feeling to embrace what legacy he created while he was here on earth in his physical body.

Everyone is affected differently from news that is shared about celebrities and tragedies around the world and I honor that.

For me, it’s about giving respect to their families and then remembering to stay present with mine.

It’s about being there for my husband, family and kids when they need me in complete loving kindness.

How do you process tragic news of someone you don’t know?

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