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What If We Stopped Getting Defensive About Everything?

January 16, 2020

Have you ever noticed how serious people are when you are out and about? What if we all took a minute to lighten up and relax? People would be more joyful and there would definitely be much less stress.

My husband and I are diligently working on our basement, so this means multiple trips to Home Depot, sometimes in one day. I was in line returned a piece of plumbing we didn’t need for our basement. There was another woman in front of me when all of a sudden a man pushes his cart to right up to the counter in front of us.

She and I glanced at each other questioning his moves. Neither of us said anything, but she had a look of contempt while I was confused. Maybe he had gotten out of line to grab something before I got there and was coming back.

The cashier knew this was not the case and told him where the back of the line was. He laughed and said he knew, he was just messing around. We all had a good laugh.

Before he walked away, he said once before, he did the same thing at the pharmacy. There were three older women in line and he walked right in front of them. The first lady kicked him and said, “Get to the back of the line, Sonny.”

He bid us all a good day and I was left smiling at the counter. When it came my turn, the cashier was a little put out by this man’s, a regular, behavior, by justifying it with saying he was being ornery.

I told her that in fact, it was hilarious and totally made me smile. It’s time like this when we need more people in the world like this man who can make us smile by doing goofy things. In turn, people need to lighten up their attitudes and have a laugh.

Have you had a good laugh today?

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