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Instead of Toilet Paper, We Stocked Up On Books

March 14, 2020

As the mass hysteria grows with people quarantined in their homes due to the Coronavirus, the grocery stores are crowded and the shelves are emptying.

Many people are stocking up on Ramen noodles, bottles of water and most importantly toilet paper.

While I felt our family was set on toilet paper for the foreseeable future, the one closure that rattled me was the public library.

We had to take it by storm as soon as I got the email they would be shutting down for next couple weeks.

The kids and I maxed out each one of our library cards knowing that we wouldn’t be able to browse for books.

Our regular schedule takes us to the library at least twice if not three times a weeks so this is an adjustment that will surely be hard for us.

But like the toilet paper hoarding, we realize the library will still be functioning even if they aren’t allowing foot traffic.

We can reserve books and pick them up when we blow through our stack of books. All is not lost but at least now we will have something to keep us busy while we are at home.

Toilet paper mummies as an art project…

What are you doing to keep light in this situation?

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