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Family Movie Night Is Sacred

November 2, 2019

It’s rare that we are all home doing something together. Once the kids get home from school, they retreat to different areas around the house, finding their personal devices and decompressing from the day.

Bedroom doors are shut until dinner or someone needs to leave for an activity. Then it’s bedtime routine and we start it all over the next day.

Friday is the one day of the week where I can count on everyone to be together. Family movie night!

We order pizza and decide on a movie to all watch together. I don’t force everyone to come and watch if it’s not their cup of tea. Somehow, one by one each kid will trickle in, intrigued by the movie. By the end, everyone is usually snuggled up on the couch.

Soon, Friday nights will be about football games, hanging out with friends, parties and like, but for now, the one thing we have is movie night!

What’s the one thing your family always does together?

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