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The Wholesome Family TV Time Is Not Dead Yet

March 4, 2020

Back in my day (said in my old lady voice), television programming was so different. Your family all gathered around the couch for Must See TV or TGIF each Thursday/Friday night. There were commercials and if you wanted to tape the show, you had to know how to use the timer on your VCR. As long as you could figure out how to get it to stop flashing 12:00.

After the show was over, you had time to sit together and discuss the plot of the show because it would be another week before the next episode comes out. The anticipation made it that much more exciting to see what was going to happen to your favorite characters.

Now, with streaming apps, you can watch an entire season of your favorite show over a weekend. The kids can watch it without you because they can watch it on their devices. The idea of a centralized TV for the family is no more.

This does not mean that the conversation dies and you can’t talk to your kids about topics on the shows they are watching. For my pre-teen and I, she will ask if anyone wants to watch with her and even if it’s not something I really want to see, I’ll still sit with her.

Sometimes it turns out that she and I will have the same interests, like The Office and Stranger Things. We are then able to work some of their jokes into our conversations and this to me is what watching tv as a family is all about.

What shows do you watch with your kids?


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