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I Exposed My Children To Something Unexpected…

March 19, 2020

Extended periods of outside time. With all this talk of self-isolation, I began to think about how we could still enjoy nature without being around big groups of people. The path by our house is not crowded, so we’ve been walking the dog there. With the clouds looming overhead, most people are at the local parks. We’ve gone to a couple during this time and been the only ones there.

Having four kids (or even one) sitting at home all day for the unforeseeable future can grind on anyone’s nerves. The forecast for spring always has a 40% chance of rain, so if we don’t get outside in those patches of dryness then we might miss our opportunity for fresh air.

Lack of sunlight is one cause of vitamin D deficiency which can lead to depression. It’s no wonder that during the winter some people suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

People naturally crave the outdoors because the sun is a mood enhancer and bonus, acts as a disinfectant. So if you feel the sniffles coming on, head to your backyard or take a walk around the block. The affects from being outdoors can cleanse your body and your mind.

Sure, I tend to be an indoor person, but I like having some time with nature at least once a day. It reminds me how there is so much more out in the world than me. I can look at the birds swimming in the pond, happily splashing around. Listen carefully and you can hear lots of different kinds of birds communicating with one another.

If you are lucky, you could see a deer running through an open field or squirrels chasing each other up and down a tree. Channel your inner child to find shapes in the clouds or even close your eyes and suck in all that beautiful, fresh breeze all around you.

While the goal of society right now is social distancing, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the great outdoors right in your own neighborhood. Even if it’s a little chilly, bundle up and see what your street has to offer you. Now is a great time to really stop and smell the roses.

How are you connecting with nature?

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