Why Sharing My iPhone With My Child Was The Best Decision Ever

“But Mom….all my friends have their own phones.”

“That’s great, but I’m not their mom,” saying to my daughter as I shoot her the smuggest of all grins.

This repartee occurs regularly with my eleven year old. Once a couple of her friends got phones at age 8 or 9, the asking began. Her dad and I are no slobs on staying up on technology, but this is where we have old school beliefs.

I’m Old Enough For A Phone

Yes, it was a different time when we were her age. No, we don’t want her to become a social piranha because she’s doesn’t have a smartphone. We also don’t believe she is committing social suicide because she doesn’t have a phone yet. The biggest reason has to do with responsibility of handling this device that even some adults have a hard time managing.




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