How It Is Possible To Teach Your Children Minimalism During The Holidays

Halloween night wasn’t even over yet and I began seeing memes with Buddy The Elf. People in my feeds were already talking about getting their holiday decorations up and my kids were still sorting through candy. Each year, it seems as if Christmas comes earlier.

I get the draw of the festivities, but the focus becomes more about getting the best deals on things we really don’t need. I’m pretty sure my Target holiday catalog came in mid-October. My kids were drawn into it, circling all the things on every page as soon as it came through the door.

I love Christmas but what I don’t love is how it’s become a merchandise pushing extravaganza. On top of the presents my kids get for the holiday, we also celebrate two birthdays in the next couple months. With their birthdays so close to Christmas, we’ve tried to figure out ways to give them experiences over gifts. They will be overloaded with presents from Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles shortly, so it’s in ours and their best interest to give them a memory.

The amount of toys flooding into my house makes my head spin.



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