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What Happened When I Stopped Watching The News

January 28, 2020

Years ago I gave up watching the news, having a news feed on my browser or any sort of news pop up without my permission. Of course, with social media I was getting news if I wanted it or not.

When I finally got rid of most of my social media I was able to control what came in and out of my life in way of news.

There are advantages and disadvantages by not having a news outlet at my fingertips. Granted, yes I can type in or and get the news right away. Sure, but I have to do it. It doesn’t show up without my permission.

I like be able to control my emotions instead of letting the news of tragedies or politics determine my mood for the day.

On the flipside I don’t know when things are going on. For example my daughter told me the Grammy’s were on this past weekend and I had no idea.

Subsequently, my husband texted me asking about our plans for the Super Bowl to which I responded with “When is it?”

I was telling my daughter this in the car and she asked me who was playing. Again, I was out of the loop. Usually, I follow sports but this year I was out of it.

Yes,  there are advantages and disadvantage to having the news at your fingertips but for me I am much happier when I control what I see instead of being fed information without my knowledge.

Do you read the news every day?

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