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Embrace The Holiday Spirit

December 11, 2019

90 minutes.

That’s all I plan on spending out in the holiday shopping hullabaloo. I did that today and it was quite enough for me. Thanks goodness for Amazon Prime, allowing me to stay home away from the long lines and negative energy of all the frantic people.

I went out with a plan and stuck to it. I visited four stores, got what I was needed and was out. Yes, one of those stores was Target.

The key to the holidays is knowing what to get and sticking to your list. Get the people on your list the things they want, then grab yourself a hot chai latte then book it all home.

One of the best parts of being out in the world of retail today was seeing a light dusting of snow begin to fall. It was my clue from the universe to embrace the Christmas spirit of giving.

Thanks for the nod, I received the message and am excited to spread the love with the gifts I bought today.

How are you making Christmas shopping calm?


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