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Change Your Mindset About The Significance of Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2020

Valentine’s Day: A day of love. A day of sorrow.

It all depends on who you ask. Some may see it as not having anyone special to share the day with and to that I disagree. My husband was at work for most of the day, but that’s okay. It made me realize that even those who don’t have significant others can spend the day with other special people.

The day doesn’t have to be about a romantic relationship. When I asked my kids who their valentine was they replied with Me (of course) and friends. They don’t think of the day as something to share in a couple, instead it represents a day of friendship and love.

For me, I got to spend my day hanging out with my mom. Usually, we are surround by little people, so it was great to have that one on one time together. And then after she went home, the kids and I did our traditional pizza night.

The husband got home later and brought me flowers. I love the gesture but what I love more is sitting on the couch together after the kids go to bed and relaxing.

This holiday doesn’t have to one where we wallow in our sorrows. Instead, celebrate the relationships you do have with people. That’s the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.


Who did you get to spend your Valentine’s Day with?

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