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It’s More Than Ok To Fail

September 25, 2019

How do you handle disappointment and failure? Do you throw a fit and bang around because something didn’t go your way? Or can you be sad for a hot second and see it for what it is, a teaching moment?

This morning, I got to teach this to one of my children firsthand. He HATES to fail. It ruins his day and screams about it till he cries.

I explained to him that this is only a blip in his day. If he messes up or misses a question, it could be a brain fart.

These mistakes shouldn’t be the basis of how you feel all day long. The bad moments shouldn’t override all the good.

We talked about gratitude as well for all the opportunities he has to do these things. We also talked about consequences for his actions.

Because he needs to get this under control now as a child before it escalates as an adult.

We all fail but the big lesson here is to not let it ruin your day/week/year. Be sad but then move along!

How do you teach others about failure?

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