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What Happened When The Lights Went Out On Our Tree?

December 12, 2019

As a family, we come together to trim the tree. Dad’s job is to string the lights, while I take out the ornaments from the box. The kids then hang them up. Someone is chosen to hide the pickle and place the Santa hat on top.

My job goes fairly quickly because we have four kids and it doesn’t take them that long to hang ornaments. We stand back and take a look at the awesome job we did.

A few days after we got the tree up this year, half the lights went out. While the kids were at school today, my hubby fixed the lights and I rehung the ornaments.

I love doing this because instead of being rushed, I was able to really look at the ones we had collected over the years. The pictures of the kids and our pets when they were little make me happy. As well as the handmade ornaments that were made with love.

Now I could stand back at the tree knowing that I got to spend time with each ornament in an intimate way.

What is your favorite Christmas ornament?

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