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How To Make Mundane Activities Fun?

December 16, 2019

It’s amazing how doing something like wrapping presents with a friend can make this mundane activity seem so much better? There are many things in life that can be more enjoyable if we do them with people we care about. It can make the time go some much faster instead of dreading the task at hand.

What if you looked at everything you did in this way? Instead of looking at something with disgust or unease, you saw the mundane thing as something better. If you don’t like doing laundry but did it together as a family, joking around and having fun along the way, the chore would be done and you have memories.

It’s always tough coming up with new ideas for family activities which is why many parents rely on apps like gojam to give them inspiration.

Same goes for any cleaning task. What if you made a game out of it and didn’t look at it as something you had to do but something you get to do with loved ones?

What is one thing you hate doing that you could change your mindset on to joy?

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