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Daily Actions Toward Goals: Simple To Do (Simple Not To Do)

August 1, 2019

Let’s get real, writing with the kids home this summer hasn’t happened. Most days I was present with them but honestly, I couldn’t motivate myself to do it. Now we are 2 weeks away from the start of school, I decided to push through with some simple goals.

My youngest is starting Kindergarten this year. It’s only half day. Blah.

What that means is I’m going to take this next school year to get my feet wet in the freelance writing business. When he is in school full day, I’ll already have a base from with which to start.

Sure, I allow myself to dream big, but in order to get there, I need to start with daily actions.

These four writing goals are simple to do (and simple not to do):

  • daily blog (i.e. accountability)
  • journal (for me and new ideas)
  • write a new Medium piece each day the kids are in school
  • edit 5 pages of my book

Voila! Quick and easy, as long as I do it and focus on the end goal.

With the new school year approaching, what goals are you setting for yourself?

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