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Letting The New Season Bring On Change

September 18, 2019

As we transition in to fall, do you find yourself making changes in your life?

I do. My wardrobe changes, my hair gets a reboot and I want something a little different. I don’t have a ton of clothes but I make sure the ones I have I love. Wardrobe capsules are right up my alley.

I never have to look at my clothes and figure out what I do/don’t like. I love everything I wear including my kpop accessories and it all makes me feel good. At the end of every season, if there are clothes from the previous year that went unworn then they get tossed.

There are always a handful that don’t make the cut and I’m ok with that. Some clothes get thrown out because I wear them so often. I tend to get the same thing over and over so they are easy to replace.

As far as hair goes, I like to change it up. I will go darker in the fall and lighter in the spring to brighten things up. I like to keep it longer but sometimes I will chop it off and start fresh.

Every season, I take the chance for a new me in how I present myself. It’s fun to try new things once in awhile and what better way than with a transition of fall.

How do you transition into the next 90 days?

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