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The Day When You No Longer Have To “Fake It”

February 9, 2020

Oh, get your head out of the gutter. I mean, faking having fun playing with your kids’ stuff. There comes a time when you go from playing with your kids to truly enjoying the same things.

My kids and I both love Harry Potter and we own pretty much every game from the franchise known to man. And when we play, I could go longer than they could. This is something I really like to do.

This is along the same lines as tv shows and movies. My daughter and I spent a weekend binge watching Stranger Things together on and off. It was a great way to book end an otherwise full schedule from her twelve hour long volleyball tournament.

Now if my younger kids had asked me to play another round of Mario Kart Monopoly or sat through more than one episode of Teen Titans Go, I might gauge my eyes out.

I love spending time with my kids but I’ll admit, one part about them growing up is shared interests.  There are many times I tell them to stop aging so quickly because man does their childhood fly by. Mostly, my days go by in lightning speed now that we are really doing things we love and not counting down the minutes to nap time.

What are some activities you (truly) love doing together with your kids?

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