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Sticking With One Activity During Childhood Could Lead To This…

February 13, 2020

What happens when you pigeon hole your kids into one sport or activity at a young age? Burn out.

They get bored with the sport, start fighting you on attending practices and are generally tired.

The solution: Try lots of different things. This allows them to exercise different muscles not only in their body but mental as well.

Also, they may find a new love for something they never even thought to pursue.

In turn, this activity could expand their circle of friends.

Sure, your kid may love football, swimming, volleyball but if they want to broaden their horizons by trying something new, let them call the shots.

First and foremost: Follow the first rule of parenting when it comes to activities, finish your current season that is paid for before moving on!

What activity has your child chosen that surprised you?

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