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How Books Filled Space For The Infinite Scroll

February 1, 2020

Each February I take a break from social media and almost immediately I see how much more time I have to do the things I love. I realize how much time I spent subconsciously picking up my phone to fill the void.

My guess is the number of books I read will double this month because I will be on my phone less. I should really document this someone where to see if I really do read more.

Currently on my nightstand are ten books. There is no doubt in my mind that in the next several weeks they will be replaced by new ones. I love to read and could do it all day long.

Like most people I get caught up in finding out what other people are doing in their lives, I forget the lessons learned by picking up a book. The amount of ideas popping into my head when I read is infinite, like the scroll.

It’s just different. It’s productive.

The more I read, the better I feel . So the question becomes already on day one of my 30 day detox, should I extend this period in order to stay on top of my A game?

Only time will tell, but I know from experience the high I get from reading instead of scrolling. The question is how do I share all my photos to my distant relative on the other side of the country…

What books are you currently reading? 


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