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December 18, 2019

Classroom celebrations for the end of the year. This last week before winter break has found me at my kids’ schools every day this week except one. The thing is for the longest time, I couldn’t (re: didn’t want to) come to their classrooms.

When my oldest started school, there were always younger siblings that would have to tag along and most times teachers didn’t want them to come. Now that all my kids are in school, I have the time and ability to come in and help out. It’s nice to come in without a child and be a presence in their school.

Luckily, most teachers will let me bring my kindergartener if I choose to help out in the afternoon. He is so well behaved and loves being around the older kids. Coming to help out is now enjoyable for me and I get a kick out of seeing my kids’ faces when I’m at their school.

There will come a time when they don’t want me to come. In fact, my sixth grader is on the cusp of this. She specifically told me not to walk in and say, “Hi, My name is Abbey. Yee haw!!!”

How is your last week before winter break?

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