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Lessons In Patience From A Seasoned Mom

October 18, 2019

Even the best of us lose our cool. Let me tell you what, it happens.

We deal with it and move on.

Most times when I feel myself getting ready to explode, I walk away and compose myself.

Today, I had to really work on being patient. We were in line waiting for a ride at Universal Studios for the Forbidden Journey ride.

When you are stuck in line for over an hour with your four kids, someone is bound to lose it.

My youngest was not having it today but he really wanted to ride but standing in line was harshing his mellow.

In the end, I lost my patience several times, I ignored him for awhile but once the ride was over all was forgiven on both sides.

In the moment it’s hard to remember that this too shall pass. But a couple of deep breaths to calm down usually does the trick.

How do you handle your patience in public situations?

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