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Acknowledging The Signs To Avoid Negative People

January 26, 2020

They are everywhere! Negative people. The key is to not get sucked into their energy. But when you figure out how to avoid it, your positive energy can stay on top.

Negativity runs rampant at kids’ sporting events. It’s can go viral like the plague if you let it. Or you can tap into your own world of unicorns and rainbows to stop it from coming in.

Today at my daughter’s volleyball tournament, I was sitting next to a woman who was full of negativity. Her complaints ran the gamut of how the tournament was run to how the teams were seeding. Then she started getting arrogant about how great her daughter’s team was. On top of it, she was distracting the players. You could tell she was one of those “look at me” type of people.

Here I was minding my business, trying to read my book. I can usually read through anything, but she was overpowering everything. Luckily, another mom from my team came back to give me a buffer from this woman. Then I concentrated on how my family was coming soon and I was excited to see them.

After I changed my thought process from her nonsense to my family and watching my daughter play, her noise was gone in a snap. I also was able to give her bout of kindness in my thinking because it sounded like she had a lot on her plate that overwhelmed her.

I wanted to lean over and tell her to take a couple breaths but I knew that wouldn’t go over well. Instead, I took a page out of my own book and breathed.

How do you handle other people’s negativity?

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