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Rule Breakers Give Me Anxiety

January 25, 2020

Add to the list, watching people mess up when they are performing in front of an audience. Anything where someone is on display and they might make an error in judgment makes my stomach go up in knots.

The way our basketball league is set up is there are four games one right after another at the top of the hour at your specific location. Most teams get there early to make sure everyone is on time. This gives the kids an opportunity to watch the other team before them.

What it also allows for is time to screw around. Sure, they are kids and their energy is at an all time high, but there are rules they need to follow. I get that kids forget the rules but where are the parents who should be watching them.

Not only is bouncing basketballs in the halls of the school not allowed, it’s distracting when they are dribbling during the middle of someone else’s game. There is a lack of respect here for the other team and while I don’t want people to get in trouble, I know it’s coming.

For that reason, I make my child aware to give the other team the quiet they would want in return. It’s not necessarily about the kids getting in trouble or following the rules. There are some rules meant to be questioned and I’m all for that but…

In the end, it’s about respect for others. I pose this question to my own children, because I’m not about to step on other parents’ toes:

Ask yourself this: Would you want someone else to act like this during your special time?

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