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How Not To Fall Down The Rabbit Hole Of Worry

March 13, 2020

Things come up and the stories begin to unfold. What if this? What if that? The question is how do you stopped yourself from unleashing the inner demon of anxiety.

First off, awareness is key. The moment you notice the unraveling, stop and check yourself.

Then flip the script by thinking about all the goodness in your life. In the moment when your stories start, you are thinking in a world of lack when in fact, abundance is key.

Look around you and notice all the things in your life you are grateful right now:

  • Your health
  • The trees
  • Your house
  • Friends and Family
  • Food
  • Internet
  • Birds chirping
  • Walking your dog
  • Etc…

Then you will start to see how much you truly have in your life and the worry begins to fade away.

Gratitude, abundance and positivity might be buzz words thrown a lot right now, but guess what they work. When you are going down the deep, dark rabbit hole, those words will light you up so you can see the way. They are able to pull out the goodness in you and turn a negative situation, conversation, or thought into a new perspective.

Even the best of us get wrapped up in stories in our head, but the key is knowing how to get out, so you don’t get stuck there.

How do you get out of a dark place?

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