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Approach Life From The Eyes Of A Child

March 12, 2020

In the wake of everything that is going on in our world, I needed a break from it all. Even simply putting on the radio while my husband and I were painting our basement gave me anxiety. Getting out and taking a walk with the dog was exactly what I needed to change my perspective about things.

I’m not one to get sucked up into the goings on of the world, letting it infiltrate my thoughts, but still some things sink in. Taking a break in nature and truly enjoying the neighborhood, let me see a different point of view.

The one of children who are carefree and playing around in their yards. As I turned the corner onto the walking path by our house, the sounds of children shrieking with glee came through my ears. Across the field, there were no less than ten kids playing a game of pick up basketball in the cul-de-sac of the adjoining neighborhood. They were running around, playing and truly enjoying life.

My eyes and ears became aware of the noises around me. Everywhere I looked were kids having a good time and being outside in the gorgeous, spring weather we were experiencing this day. It got me thinking about how much we, as adults, worried about what is going on around us. Things we have no control over presently or what is to come of us in the future.

What if we approached life like children and could enjoy the present moment even if there is bad stuff going on all around us? Can we be grateful for what we have right now: our good health, our homes, families, whatever is precious to us? It is possible to see beyond the chaos of the world and take stock of just living.

See the flowers starting to bloom or a field of clovers searching for the one with four leaves. Be excited about spending the day outside tossing a ball around or playing with your dog.

How are you able to live with childlike wonder?

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