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Accepting Help Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

February 7, 2020

There is no need to do everything on your own. End of sentence. Period.

The thing about parenting is in order to survive, you learn to divide and conquer. Our weekends are not the calm, sleeping in deal we had pre-kids.

Now they are full of kid activities. I love watching my kids play sports and doing what they love but it’s not a job I can do on my own.

There are some days we are at tournaments all day for one child and the other kids have stuff, too. Those are the days we divide and conquer to come back at the end of the day to reconvene as a family.

Burn out happens when you, alone, try to do everything. It doesn’t work out well for anyone when you assume you have to be the do-it-all person. Let others take the reins allowing your tribe do things for you.

People love helping when they’re asked but sometimes they don’t know if you don’t say anything.

Let your friends, grandparents, spouse know you need help. Speaking up is honorable and allows you to engage in self-care.

It’s not a form of weakness to need help. In actuality, admitting you need help makes you stronger.

How are you going to divide and conquer today.?

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