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Why We Need To Designate A “No Electronics Area”

February 6, 2020

Our house has a lot of open spaces where sound like to travel. Like many homes, the kitchen is the main gathering place where the kids like to hang out. I love that everyone wants to be in the same general area.

What I don’t like is the noise? Not the kid noise, but the ones they bring with them.

How to explain what it’s like to have four kids and four electronic devices…

It’s literally impossible when they are on full blast to even concentrate and explain it to you.

All I hear is YouTube swirling around in my brain when they are all in the kitchen. This is the place we come together to eat our meals. It should be a calming environment where the kids’ can be free to talk. No one like to scream over the noise or let it take over the peace in your head.

For awhile, everyone was really great about wearing headphones if they were going to be on their devices downstairs.

We did fashion a solution, but it won’t be ready for another couple months.

A finished basement with extra insulation for noise reduction. Hallelujah!

What I failed to mention is that not only does their noise exist in the kitchen but the sound from the video games trickles down from the loft. While I love the sound of my kids’ voices, what I don’t want to hear is their friends’ coming over the speakers.


Do you have a spot in your house where the kids aren’t allowed to bring their devices?

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