Follow Your Gut, Not The Party Line

Follow Your Gut, Not The Party Line
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September 9, 2019

When it comes to social media, I’ve been all over the board. I’ve been one to share 3420374 times a day about every little thing that is going on to the other extreme where I disappear for a month.

Recently consistency hasn’t been my MO. And honestly I’m quite ok with that. There are so many other things in my life that I do on a regular basis, so I have to remember where my priorities lie.

I’ve been going back and forth on what I want my social media to look like in the past year or so. In my journey of being more present in life, I have backed away from posting as frequently.

The thing is I really love sharing pictures of my kids with family and friends. So recently, I decided to open up a separate, private account where I can share to my little hearts desire.

My personal brand account will be the one that I share my deep thoughts, but on a timeline that is my own.

As I’ve gotten older (and a little wiser), I’ve come to realize that there is no reason to follow the party line. I am allowed to do what feels best for me.

That’s what I believe makes me the most authentic online, sharing when I want and however I want. As for my kids, they have their own page now, so I can share to my hearts desire with only close family and friends.

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